Jared Leto Reports From London With 30 Seconds to Mars

22. května 2010 v 11:16 |  Tour Diary
As 30 Seconds to Mars prepares to return to the U.S. to tour, Jared Leto sent us pieces from his tour diary while in London:

Here we are back in London town again having just wrapped up six weeks of unforgettable and incredible touring in Europe. It was an insane and amazing adventure, and it now continues with our return, at long last, to our home turf for the North American leg of the "Into the Wild" Tour!!!

My good friend Lina Osterman made this jacket for the tour.

+ See more about the 30 Seconds to Mars Tour below.
Just one of the amazing shows from the "Into the Wild" European leg.


We've been rehearsing in London for the past few days and are now getting ready to head home to Los Angeles, where we have just a few more days to prepare for the very first show, that is, fittingly, in "Sin City" Las Vegas on April 9.
The band at rehearsal

Making notes
Making notes

While we were here, we did Radio 1's Live Lounge and performed a cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. You can see it HERE.
Setting up at BBC1
Setting up at Radio 1

Although we've been working every day since our last European show in Switzerland, I was able to steal a few walks around the city. I've been coming to London for 15 years now, but it seems like there's something new to discover every time I visit.
Pounding the Pavement
Pounding the pavement

A quick rest
A quick rest


Can't wait to get started in the ol' U.S. -- and Toronto! Hard to believe it's been three -- far too long -- years. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces. It has been the best tour of our lives so far, and we can't wait to share it with you all.

P.S. Philly, N.Y.C., AND Boston are SOLD OUT!! And many other dates are selling out quickly so get your tickets fast!

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